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Why Beachcomber?

Beachcomber Hot Tubs is a family-owned, Canadian manufacturer based in Surrey, BC, and has been handcrafting hot tubs of the finest quality, best value, and unparalleled comfort since 1978. 


Over 50 different precision and performance tests are conducted to ensure the finest construction quality on every hot tub.


From the hand sculpted hand grips to the deep bucket seat design. Beachcomber Hot Tubs offers unparalleled comfort and ergonomic design for your body.


Eco4WALL™ 100% insulation provides unrivaled energy efficiency that saves up to 33% in lower operating costs than the industry standard portable.

BIC-e Mobile App

The new mobile app that transforms your smartphone into the ultimate mobile remote control for your hot tub. (BIC-e: Beachcomber improving Customer experience.)


Keep your favourite music flowing without getting out of your hot tub by wirelessly connecting your smartphone with the Air Connect using Bluetooth technology and play that funky music right now.

Roman Arch™ Waterfall

Fully backlit, the Roman Arch™ Waterfall brings beauty and ambience as well as the gentle relaxing sound of flowing water into the hot tub for a more enjoyable soak. 

Eclipse™ Lighting

A well designed programmable LED lighting package that offers small hooded points of light in an array of accents to highlight your perfect evening.

Signature Horizontal Cabinetry Skirting

Exclusive exterior horizontal cabinetry that delivers a sleek, modern statement in design.

Star Trail™ Corner Lighting for 700 Series Hybrid4®

Exterior corner LED lighting takes inspiration from the natural beauty and motion of the night sky. 

EasyTouch 1000 Control Panel

The EasyTouch 1000 is the new state-of-the art touchscreen control panel, powered by the SST-50 management system for the ultimate hot tub experience.

ClearTech UVC Sterilization System™

The Cleartech UVC System sterilizes 99.9% of bacteria and viruses in your hot tub water by using the same powerful UV technology found in water treatment plants and hospitals.

Financing a hot tub costs less than your daily coffee.

Our hot tubs are designed and priced for everyone - get the same uncompromised quality, value, and longevity across all hot tub models, regardless of the price point. With Beachcomber FinanceIT support, you can relax in a Beachcomber Hot Tub for as low as $35.48 bi-weekly depending on the hot tub model! Find out how to get easy financing that gives you options for low monthly payments. 

Manuals and guides

Beachcomber owners, find your handy Owner's Guide and all the information you need to properly operate and maintain your Beachcomber Hot Tub.

Beachcomber Promises

30-DAY Exchange Privilege

What if the stock hot tub you choose isn't the right one for you? We offer a 30-day exchange privilege, so you can exchange the value paid for another model excluding installation parts and labour. 

30-DAY FLEXJETS™ Exchange

Our FLEXJET technology allows you to choose the width of spray, intensity, and direction of the massage. After your hot tub is installed, if you find a FLEXJET insert you love and want more of, you can exchange your FLEXJET at no extra cost for the first 30 days.

30-DAY Money Back Promise

If you decide a stock hot tub isn't a fit for your home, our 30-day money back promise means if you don't absolutely love it we'll come pick it up and give you a refund, less installation parts and labour.

Leading-edge Innovation & Technology

Every Beachcomber HEATSHIELD™ is UL certified, regularly and independently tested to meet or exceed static load testing of the ASTM standard performance specifications, which is the highest benchmark available to govern the integrity, quality, and safety of your hot tub cover.

The HYBRID® is a patented energy saving design with up to 33% energy savings over other brands. The focus on hydrodynamics in design reduces horsepower without sacrificing performance, optimizing the energy efficiency of the ECO4WALL™ foam insulation which insulates all 4 sides of the hot tub's interior cavity. 

LEEP™ is the highest quality, best equipped portable hot tub compared to the industry standard portable spa. LEEP™ features are not found on  most portable spas today.

Leading-edge Innovation & Technology

Beachcomber specialists will take you on a video showroom experience, a virtual tour of each and every Beachcomber hot tub as if you were in it, and enable you to explore what a Beachcomber Hot Tub will look like in your backyard through augmented reality.

We are serious about energy efficiency. The Beachcomber Hot Tubs Energy Star Energy Consumption Testing Laboratory is ANAB certified and carries the ISO/IEC 17025 accreditation as it relates to the specifications, standards, and testing techniques of ANSI/APSP/ICC-14.

Check that your hot tub water is balanced, safe, and comfortable to use by simply scanning one of our test strips on your smart phone using our Tethys Water Care App. The app can be readily downloaded for both Apple and Android phones.