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Caring for Our Environment

Beachcomber’s hot tubs have been engineered to ensure that they are energy efficient, saving you money and environment impact. They’ve been certified through independent government as the most energy efficient hot tubs on the market today.

Beachcomber has always been a steward of the environment.

Every innovation in our hot tubs focuses on reducing energy use and

environmental impact.


We care about the environment today and for future generations

Beachcomber’s commitment to sustainability is so important to us because we want to do our part to make the world a better place for everyone to enjoy.

Since 1978, we have been serving customers around the world, with ergonomic, energy efficient hot tubs. We focus on form, fit and function for our hot tubs and always keep in mind how each one of those elements can affect the environment. Represented in over 40 countries today, we continue to be committed to our environmental stewardship philosophy as we have been since 1978.

Beachcomber Hot Tubs are energy efficient

When we engineer the internal systems in all of our tubs, we take great care in installing energy efficient materials, plumbing, electrical components. These are some of the ongoing initiatives that we do year long:

  1. Reducing Electricity Usage: 90 degree elbows in our plumbing systems allows water to flow with less restriction. Better hydrodynamics behind powerful pumps allows our motors to run cooler, extending component life and maximizing the electricity they use.
  2. We recycle plastic and cardboard. In a year, we recycle enough cardboard to replace hundreds of mature trees. We also recycle acrylic plastic in partnership with our suppliers.
  3. Each employee has their own recycling bins by their desks. Each one of the blue boxes can hold about 35 pounds of waste paper. We recycle thousands of pounds of paper in each of our four major support centres, in Vancouver, Toronto, Montreal and San Diego.
  4. Email marketing and communications have transformed the way Beachcomber does business. We have made a commitment to electronic communication and have saved untold amounts of paper.
  5. Hybrid3 construction saves resources. Since 1983, we have been building a different kind of hot tub, which moves the equipment outside of the hot tub cavity, allowing us to insulate all four walls; making the tub more energy efficient.
  6. Super efficient hot tub technology is a major commitment for any manufacturer. Our Hush Pump turns 40,000 gallons of water a day and draws just .63 amps. By sipping electricity, Hush Pump is just one of our many components that fits our environmental stewardship commitment.

We are passionately committed to conservation and energy efficiency. You can enjoy our lighting system in our fully loaded executive model 750, three times a week, all year round, for less than a dollar. When we engineer our systems, we invest in learning how our carbon footprint can be reduced for today and for the coming generations.

At Beachcomber, we build our business by preserving for the generations to come. Because it’s our children that hold the keys to a better future.