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Hot Tub Installation


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How to Lay the Foundation for your Beachcomber 

A Beachcomber can sit on just about any foundation, as long as the foundation is level and can support the weight.  Your Beachcomber Hot Tub comes standard with the Perma-Seal Foundation, which not only has a smooth bottom surface that caps and seals your hot tub from the environmental elements, but also distributes the weight of all our hot tub models evenly across the entire bottom surface.

Foundation ideas can include cement patio tiles, which are available at most home improvement stores, as well as railroad ties, crushed gravel or interlocking bricks.

Please see our Beachcomber Pre-Delivery Guide for more foundation ideas.

How to Place a Beachcomber in Your Backyard

A hot tub should fit into your yard or deck, not overwhelm it.  After all, you're creating a snug little nook, a private place protected from the elements where you can soak in peace and quiet.  We have found that it's best to place your hot tub slightly off center 

in your yard, within 10 feet of whatever door to your house you'll use most frequently when you're going to or leaving your hot tub.  

Placing your hot tub about 10 feet from an access door makes it easier to get to and from all year long. Having it closer to your home can also help reduce exposure to wind, so you can get maximum enjoyment from your hot tub.  You may also want to position the hot tub away from neighbor sight lines, as well as any trees or falling leaves and debris.

Your local Beachcomber store has a Site Survey Template Kit to measure the space for your new hot tub at your home.  It’s a simple and effective way to plan where your hot tub will go. Preparing for drainage and other factors help you choose the best spot.  Your Beachcomber Hot Tub comes standard with the Perma-Seal Foundation which make it easy to move the tub around.

Inside or Outside?

In our opinion, it’s best to enjoy a hot tub outside under the stars.  If you choose to place it inside a gazebo, choose a unit that allows extra room for more than just the hot tub.  A little extra room for a café table and chair set can complete your spa experience.  If you install your spa indoors, ensure that your contractor provides proper ventilation according to your local building codes.

How to Plan for the Delivery of your Beachcomber

Sketch out a quick map of the route the delivery people will take when they deliver your hot tub. This will ensure that they follow your instructions when they arrive.  For some deliveries, the new owner may not even be there.  A little communication goes a long way to help things run smoothly!

Some potential obstacles to consider when planning your hot tub delivery:

  • Hydro gas meter
  • Dog house
  • Fences, narrow gates, doors or sheds
  • Low roof overhang
  • Paving stones, gravel or uneven walkways
  • Wood decks and / or stairs
  • Slippery slope or path
  • Trees and shrubs
  • Vehicles
Consult with your Beachcomber factory professionals and they would be happy to use their expertise to help you plan out a delivery route in advance.  

Contact us:     1-866-592-0134 


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