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Welcome to Beachcomber Hot Tubs!

Beachcomber doesn’t hide behind spa industry standard “disclaimers”.

Instead our company has always been about providing exemplary customer service to our customers and ensuring their health, happiness and well-being.

While typical spa warranties protect the manufacturer by filling them full of limitations, exclusions and disclaimers for the product, Beachcomber’s Protection Guarantee is designed to protect YOU, the customer; before, during and AFTER you purchase a hot tub. Our Protection Guarantee protects you 100% of the time and is valid with our 700, 500 and 300 series hot tubs.

What does the Beachcomber’s Protection Guarantee cover?

You have a lifetime guarantee on the structure of your hot tub. If the laminated fiberglass composition leaks, Beachcomber will repair it with the right materials and labor, at no extra cost to you. You’re also covered from the date your hot tub is delivered for the next 5 years if there’s a defect in your hot tub’s acrylic finish. Beachcomber will supply the materials and labor to repair it.

You also have a 100% component guarantee from the day of delivery. If anything goes wrong with the management system, massage pumps, hush pump, motors, control panels, Everlite, Eclipse Lighting, Guiding Light, Garden Everlite, Enviroskirt, Cabinetry, Ozone Generator, ClearTech UVC Management System, Quintessential AirConnect Surround Sound Music System, Internal and External Plumbing and Light Lenses; you’re covered for repairs and labor.

Beachcomber's 100% exchange guarantee from the delivery date.

If the factory supplied Heatshield cover, jet massage inserts, steps, filter baskets, Microfilter lid and remote controls have any defects, Beachcomber will exchange the component, free of charge.

You also have a 100% owner transfer option. The remainder of Beachcomber’s Protection Guarantee is transferrable to a new owner for a small fee, once in the lifetime of the Guarantee. It will be the new owner’s responsibility to arrange for customer-paid installation inspection of the hot tub to activate the Guarantee transfer. The transfer fee, hot tub serial number and inspection sheet must be received by the Beachcomber Guarantee office within 60 days of the ownership transfer to be valid.  

PDF 2 years Standard Protection Guarantee 

PDF 5 years Premium Extended Guarantee