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  1. View your hot tub from the front side, where the pump and equipment hook-ups are located.
  2. On the bottom left or right-side corner you should find an identification plate with your serial number.
    Record the first letter as this will determine which replacement parts are compatible with your model.

  • Pulsator FlexJets

    Beachcomber’s pulsator FlexJet pushes the water and air mixture through twin jets. Its spinning center hub spins along with concentrated water pressure, creating a steady, pulsating massage.

  • Vortex FlexJets

    Beachcomber’s Vortex FlexJet provides a pinpoint or targeted deep tissue massage, using a single stream of water and air mixture, cut with flutes. The flutes twist the water upon exit to create turbulence and massage force.

  • Massage FlexJets

    Beachcomber’s Massage FlexJet offers three or seven separate jets (depending on size). This full body massage jetting system is enhanced by a rotating centrifuge that distributes the water through the jet holes to provide a vigorous massage.

  • Roto FlexJets

    Beachcomber’s Roto FlexJet offers a single jet, housed in a centrifuge orifice for vigorous massage. The centrifuge spins, along with the directional jet stalk.