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Taking Care of Your Water

Condition your hot tub water for comfortable soaking.

At Beachcomber Water Care, our mandate is to make your hot tub as easy and pleasurable to use as possible. We want you to enjoy using your hot tub, not worry about maintaining it! The benefits of soaking in hot water far outweigh any care that needs to be performed. With just a few simple cleaning and care steps, your Beachcomber will serve you and your family for many years to come.

Beachcomber’s Conditioning Products (available at participating stores) safeguard your hot tub from corrosion that can be caused by minerals in the water. These products will ensure long lasting performance:

 •    Eliminate #1 and Eliminate #2

The Eliminates keep any minerals or metals that may be in the water, in check. Use as directed on the labels to prevent staining or scale.

•    Purezyme #3
Purezyme 3 is an environmentally friendly liquid that competes with algae for food. Purezyme is non-toxic and long lasting.

•    Pure Blue
Pure Blue helps to gather together larger particles for the Microfilter to catch. Simply rinse the filter periodically for clear, sparkling water.


Making your hot tub comfortable and enjoyable!

What does treating water mean? Is it a lot of work? Our answers to these questions are simple. Since 1978, we have been treating hot tub water and our track record is astounding.  It’s just like your local municipality that treats your drinking water you need to treat your hot tub water to make it safe to use. Adding a sanitizing water care product to the circulating water will kill bacteria to make the water comfortable.

Keeping the correct level for treatment of the water is easy, it’s called ‘shocking’. Simply add chlorine or bromine periodically to keep your water clear and clean. With balanced water, the sanitizing product you use will work at its peak efficiency. These are the approved levels for sanitizer in hot tub water. 

  • Chlorine                               3 to 5 ppm
  • Bromine                               3 to 5 ppm

Beachcomber offers you a number of different water care programs for you to use. Depending on your lifestyle and how many people use your hot tub, your Beachcomber staff will recommend the best program to suit your needs.

One of those programs is our unique, multi-conditioning Care Free product, which eliminates some of the traditional water care products. With Care Free, you can save money and still achieve that crystal clear water that makes a Beachcomber such a pleasure to use!

Tethys Water Care Instructions

We have created these simple to use, water care guide-sheets for you to use. Please select your Beachcomber hot tub model to view as a PDF.

750SLB 740SLB 725SLB 720SLB 715SLB
750 740 725 720 715
580 578 550 540 520
380 360 350 340 321

Frequently Asked Questions About Water Care

At Beachcomber, we have been working on improving your water care experience since 1978. We hear common questions about water care, and wanted to share some of the more popular questions with you. If you have other questions, please feel free to contact us. We would love to hear from you and help in any way we can.



How do I clear up cloudy water?



Cloudy water can develop from a number of conditions: 
* Lots of people using the hot tub
* Lack of sanitizer in the water
* Microfilter needs to be cleaned and rinsed
* Water is not balanced "shocking" the hot tub water with an approved sanitizing product can clear up cloudy water. Always make sure that you maintain 3 – 5 ppm of sanitizer in the water. Beachcomber also offers Pure Blue. It’s a coagulant formulated to clear up cloudy water by agglomerating particles so that the Microfilter can catch them. Once that has happened, all you need to do is simply rinse the Microfilter.






How do I prevent odor in my spa? 



Odorous hot tub water can be caused by some of these conditions:
* lack of sanitizer in your water
* water being out of balance
* water being more than 3 months old
Ensure that there is enough sanitizer in the water, from 3 – 5 ppm using your test kit. Beachcomber offers an easy to use product called Care Free - a virtually odor-free water conditioning program that leaves your water clear and silky smooth. Always follow the directions on the label for best results. 






How long should I keep the water in my hot tub? 



Water in your hot tub will last about 3 months on average. Depending on how many people use your spa, the water may last longer, or shorter. The best rule of thumb is to drain and refill every 3 months. You can also use a draining formula provided in your Beachcomber Owner’s Guide – but if you follow the 3 month rule, you will find that fresh water allows you to ‘start fresh’.






What do I do if my skin feels irritated after using our hot tub? 



Skin irritations can develop from these or other conditions:
* lack of sanitizer, or too much sanitizer in the water
* water being out of balance
* water being too old and should be drained and refilled
When hot tub water gets too old, water care products can become inefficient. Draining and starting fresh can solve water issues. Water can get ‘tired’ after a lot of usage, and does not respond as well to water care products. If in doubt, drain and refill, and have your local store test your hot tub water to get started right. Always test your water before entering your hot tub. Another solution to try is to turn down the hot tub temperature a degree or two. Sometimes 104F/40C hot tub water coupled with FlexJet action can irritate skin; a slightly lower temperature can have a big effect.