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Difference of a Beachcomber:
Quality of Construction, for a worry-free Hot Tub

We understand that getting a hot tub is like an investment, and our aim is to help our customers live heatlhy, and live happy with their family, friends, and loved ones - in a worry-free hot tub. This is why Beachcomber Hot Tubs takes pride in using the finest quality materials and highest standards of craftsmanship to build our customers the best hot tub - this is what sets us apart from the industry.

Perfecting the ultimate hot tub experience is our single purpose.

Beachcomber’s Quality Management System (QMS)

We do not take short cuts in the construction of our hot tubs. The QMS was developed to ensure that our production and business processes are consistently and strictly followed and continually improved to ensure the highest quality and best performance of your hot tub.

A Specialized Water Testing Facility

Our water testing facility features 11 full service bays. All hot tubs are tested during the production process. Every pump and management system is run at full speed, before it’s connected to your hot tub and filled with water.

Over 50 precision and performance tests conducted

Every hot tub is completely inspected from top to bottom, inside out. Over 50 meticulous precision and performance tests that consist of processes, and sub-processes, checks for durability, strength, and smoothness of every contour are conducted on every single hot tub.


Structurally Sound.


Glassloc™ is the toughest, most durable, and high quality material essential to building the structural strength of the hot tub.

7 - 10 coats of superior Glassloc™ fibreglass are hand rolled onto the cast acrylic sheet to ensure 100% bonding to the entire shell structure. After each coat is applied, it is inspected and hand sanded. The shells are cured in an environment that is carefully controlled for moisture, heat and humidity, for about 16 hours. This ensures that air is removed from the mixture. Sailboats and watercrafts requiring long term rigidity to weather the elements are made the same way.

This gives us the confidence to have a Lifetime Guarantee on the hot tub shell structure for a Beachcomber hot tub.


I-Beam Seating Support offers rigid, long lasting structural support under every seat in a Beachcomber Hot Tub. A vertical beam is used under every seat to firm up the seating area, and to lend additional structure to the entire hot tub as an integrated unit.

This structural support system is similar to current construction standards, where an I-Beam Truss is used to add strength to load bearing walls, ceilings and floors in homes and other building structures.


only WATER-tight fixtures

Hydronic Radiant Heat Retention System

Under the shell of every Beachcomber Hot Tub is a complex web of pneumatically secured water lines. Right up against the hot tub shell, the water lines are designed to deliver water effectively to each waterport and FlexJet™. The Hydronic Radiant Heat Retention System (called HRH) ensures the water in the water lines and tub maintain a temperature between 102 - 104°F.

Pneumatically CLAMPED Water Lines

To prevent leakage and maintain the integrity of the hot tub, all hose connections are triple-fastened with barbed connections, chemical bonds, then pneumatically clamped. These connections are then checked multiple times for quality assurance before it leaves the factory.

Water-Tight epdm Security GASKETS

All Beachcomber Hot Tubs come standard with watertight security gaskets made from heavy duty cross-linking EPDM (Etheylene Propylene Diene Monomer) - this molecular mesh structure is designed to last indefinitely with incredible resilience, flexibility, and durability and creates a perfect pinch seal when tightened to Beachcomber factory specifications.


uncompromised aesthetics

Acuralux™ Premium Acrylic Finish

The beautiful, smooth, interior finished surfaces of our hot tubs are made from Acuralux™, a premium composite plastic material, made to withstand decades of wear and tear, while providing a smooth finish that contours every curve of your body, at every angle. Acrualux™ is available in the following finishes. Find the ideal hot tub finish to match your design style.

Sierra Stone

Wide Rolled Rim

Beachcomber Hot Tubs have a smooth, interior finish that includes a Wide Rolled Rim - the top, outer edge acrylic rim. This wide lip design is a key component for comfortable entry and exit from the hot tub - providing a substantial, ergonomically designed surface to hold on to.

The Wide Rolled Rim is hand pressed while in liquid form, with a special tool during the production process. Once cured, the finished hot tub lip is thick and rounded, helping to maintain the integrity of the hot tub to stand the rigours of regular use over time. Also, the diameter and extra strength of the Wide Rolled Rim help to maintain the integrity of the hot tub interior against twisting and warping over time to stand the rigours of regular use.

Precision, every single time.

Meet our robot, Frankie.

Named after the late Frank Scott, our Factory Manager whose pursuit of excellence was our inspiration. Frankie’s laser guided drill ensures every waterport is precisely drilled to exact standards, not possible by hand. This ensures a perfect fit allowing our team to install FlexJet™ massagers and inserts into the hot tub body with exact specifications.


quality inside out

From the inside out – every detail, every feature, every component of a Beachcomber Hot Tub is handcrafted to perfection, using only the finest quality materials and construction.

Dual Access Electrical Conduit

These Dual Electrical Access Conduits streamline the hot tub installation process. Found at the front corners of the hot tub next to the Energy Saver Management System, these conduits give you the option of inserting the electrical connection to your hot tub from either side. To prevent the intrusion of pests, each side is capped off with a custom Conduit Protective Insert to keep the line closed until electrical access is needed.

Incoloy Heater Element

The Incoloy Heater Element is a long lasting, full immersion electric heater with excellent thermal properties at a wide range of temperatures. Made of Incoloy Alloy 825 - a nickel-iron-chromium alloy with additions of molybdenum, copper and titanium for long lasting performance and exceptional resistance to corrosive and diverse environments, including seawater, gases, acids and many other severe environments.

Visit a Beachcomber Specialist to discover more.

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